All About Gama Cendekia

GC Logo

GC Logo

Gama Cendekia (GC) is a study group formed by students of GMU uniting from various faculties which solemn to interdisciplinary studying, science and technology development idealism. GC tries to observe and make analysis to erudite problems of society from various science perspectives, eliminate the exist partitions of science and optimally use campus academic facilities.

“if you are an ugm student, join with us, its impressive”

Since early, Gama Cendekia had been designed to become one of Students Activities Unite (UKM) of research. And GC has successfully proved its existence in various erudite activities held by GMU, non-GMU and also GC it self.  Therefore, GC feels proper to be official Students Activities Unite (UKM) of Interdisciplinary Studying and Research which is well-exist, creative, innovative, and well-achieve.

“bravo gc, u r rock”

Gama Cendekia is place of GMU students’ activities and actualities in academic aspect, especially erudite interdisciplinary studying and research which forwardly place morality and ethics, and highly hold religious values in every single activity in a framework of believe in God and fear improvement..

“to be a social scientist and a science socialist”


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